Hi. I’m Wayne A Arthurton.

Here are some thoughts of mine.

Octopress Upgrade

  • Moved to 2.5 branch
  • Replaced default theme

Much more theme work needs to be done, but I want to publish.

GOG search for Alfred

I created a custom search in Alfred for GOG.com.

This search can be automatically created by copying this link and pasting into your Alfred box.

Alfred GOG Search in Alfred


Download Custom Search Logo

Your resulting custom search will look like this

Dropbox is where?

dropboxwhere by warthurton

Dropbox Everywhere?

It looks like there is a real problem with the touch screen ordering system at Terminal 5 JFK.

Brewing my first batch of beer

Nukey Brown Ale from Northern Brewer. This is yet another thing I spent years talking about and finally accomplishing. The next eight weeks can’t pass quickly enough.