Ginger Beer 1.0

Do you have 20 minutes and some simple supplies? You can make Ginger Beer.


First attempt to make Ginger Beer.

Squeeze one lemon by warthurton

Juice of 1 lemon

Grab one cup of sugar by warthurton

1 cup of sugar

Use a funnel to put sugar and 1/4tsp of bakers yeast in a clean 2L bottle. by warthurton

Sugar and 1/4tsp yeast into Bottle

Grate about 1 1/4tsp of ginger by warthurton

Grated fresh Ginger Root

Squeeze the juice into the lemon juice by warthurton

Squeeze all juice out of shredded Ginger

Fill the bottle to just below 1” from the top. by warthurton

Lemon Juice and Ginger Extract into bottle with cold fresh water

Turn the bottle over and over until the sugar, yeast, and juice are all mixed together. by warthurton

Wait 24 – 48 hours for carbonation to happen